The Black Keys – Keep On Truckin’

The Black Keys – El Camino

This is an album that doesn’t overstay its welcome. 11 songs. 38 minutes. No solo frills. No long drawn-out endings. Just the beat, the melody and that’s it. Move on. Everything about this about is tight, except the feeling it creates. You will not be able to get some of the tunes out of your head. You will want to dance or at least throw some neat air-guitar shapes. Sure, the lyrics are sixth-form standard, or maybe Dan Auerbach really has had a series of girls that he’s loved and lost (and pretty quickly by the sounds of it). Yes, the influences are there for everyone to hear. Is that a Led Zeppelin riff? Was that T-Rex? Actually, no, it was Sweet. Ballroom Blitz anyone? But, so what? This is a great album. A bit like one of Dan Auerbach’s seeming relationships, you’ll want to move on pretty quickly. But, in the time that you live with this album, it’ll take you over.

The Black Keys official site

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