High Higher Than The Sun

The High Highs EP

The High Highs aren’t lo-fi bedroom music-makers, dour emo-envying nu-shoegazers, or 80s synth-pop revivalists. So, they already have got something going for them. They’re a collective. So, presumably, while one of them is writing a song, another is washing the dishes. They have also recently released a 4-song EP. Melodic, catchy, well orchestrated. They have an earlyish Grizzly Bear vibe going on, though without the craft of, say, On A Neck, On A Spit. The two earliest songs, ‘Open Season’ and ‘Flowers Bloom’, are immediate. You’ll like them after just a few notes, if you like bands with an earlyish Grizzly Bear vibe going on. The newer songs, ‘Ivy’ and ‘Horses’, show a certain development. ‘Ivy’ is slower, more contemplative. It works. ‘Horses’ is, as far as I can figure it out, a song about, well, horses. It works too. So far, the High Highs have produced 13 minutes of really good music. On this showing, a whole album would be a bit dull, mainly because the singer, Jack Milas, has a vocal range that would make a chicken coop seem large. However, if they can flourish in a way that Grizzly Bear have done, then they will be worth staying with.

The High Highs official site

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