Kathleen Edwards – Voyageur

Kathleen Edwards – Voyageur

Kathleen Edwards first album, Failer, was a tawdry affair. It could have been set in a trailer park. It was peopled by folks whose best years were already behind them. Women who drank. Husbands who were being played by the people they were playing around with. Kathleen Edwards almost certainly didn’t live there, but she made you think she did. It was a peek behind life’s dirty curtains. Four albums in, she no longer lives there. She’s been on a journey. Away from the ditch and towards the middle of the road. It’s a safer place. More predictable. Less captivating. She sings about a House Full of Empty Rooms, but it’s in a nice suburb. Sure, she’s had a difficult period in between times. Man-wise, particularly. But she’s got through it. It’s left her with stories to tell, but they’re more obviously her stories. She lives in a big house now, but there’s less room for the imagination. And yet, she’s still Kathleen Edwards. The voice remains. And sometimes, Change The Sheets and Going To Hell, there are glimpses that she’s finding a new sound. She may have moved out of the trailer park, but the suburbs contain their own demons. Kathleen Edwards may yet be discovering new ways to express them.

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