Darwin Deez – Condemned to be Deez

Darwin Deez – Songs For Imaginative People


The first Darwin Deez album was a lo-fi masterpiece. With little more than a jumped-up beat box and a guitar, he delivered songs brimful of energy. What’s more, he managed to sound totally unique. Within a couple of bars, it could only be a Darwin Deez song. On his second album the palette is pretty much the same. There’s been some progression. It’s less of a lo-fi bedroom recording, more a lo-fi sitting room affair. But the thrill is still there. And some new-found anger. The gateway track is a pointer. Rather than gently welcoming you in, it erects a large sign saying ‘enter at your own peril’. Nervy, staccato, stop-start, ‘(800) HUMAN’ is the sort of track you’d preview in iTunes only to ditch as soon as the squall becomes too much. You’d be wrong. For all its rage at the start, half way through it becomes a totally different song. Quieter, gentler, hummable, enjoyable. And that’s part of the pleasure of a Darwin Deez album. For all the frantic scuzzy guitar of ‘Free (The Editorial Me)’, there are songs of real beauty, the final track, ‘Chelsea’s Hotel’, being the finest example. In every song, however discordantly it might start, something will grab you. Sometimes it’s the guitar. When it kicks in on ‘All In The Wrist’ the song goes to another place altogether. Sometimes it’s the lyrics. They’re among the driest around at the moment. Take this couplet from ‘You Can’t Be My Girl’: “You’re crazy and you show it off, Dear you’re slurring Gorbachev, You insist on discussing him, You’re so wrong but somehow you always win”. This is an album with some serious themes and some real indignation, but it’s not preachy. It may be a little less fun than last time, but there’s still real buzz to it.

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