The Silver Seas – The Last Frontier

The Silver Seas – Alaska


The Silver Seas are a guilty pleasure. They’re an easy listen. A very easy listen. If you want to hear genre-busting musical innovation, then tune the dial to another station. If you want to hear words that capture the angst at the heart of the human soul, then turn the lyrical page. The Silver Seas offer nothing in either regard. What they do offer, thanks to the all-round talents of writer and lead singer Daniel Tashian, are cute songs and most of all great production. The temptation is to liken them to a 70s MOR outfit. But they’re much more like an 80s band with a contemporary sound. More Lexicon of Love than ‘Life in the Fast Lane’. More Rupert Holmes than Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell. For one thing, this an Americana-free zone. There are banjos and pedal steel on a couple of songs, but they’re just another instrument. They’re not part of the ethos. For another thing, the bass is so up front, it would make Level 42 blush. But it’s never fussy or showy-offy. It’s just wonderfully syncopated. It makes the songs bounce. And that’s the general feeling from the album. It’s no manifesto for the next generation. No sound of restless youth. It’s just sunny. Lively. Uplifting. It’s a throw-away album that you’ll want to keep. Great to listen to, but not to reflect on. Just don’t own up to liking it.

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