Ariel Pink featuring Jorge Elbrecht – Sound of the Summer

Ariel Pink featuring Jorge Elbrecht – Hang On To Life/No Real Friend


Two songs. One great collaboration. Ariel Pink and Jorge Elbrecht of Violens come together to create a perfect summer sound. There’s more than a little 70s AM to both tracks, but this is no quaint throw-back or simple pastiche. ‘Hang On To Life’ has enough classic Ariel Pink touches to make it stand out. The neat middle eight breaks the rhythm nicely. And the faux telephone conversation throws things just slightly off-kilter, taking the song out of its comfort zone and making it sound all the better. ‘No Real Friend’ begins unassumingly and slightly tweely, but soon starts to shimmer. The pace on both tracks is stately, but the melodies are uplifting. A full album might have been a little too much to bear, but two tracks works just fine. They create their little magic but leave you wanting more. Now that’s a great trick.

‘Hang On To Life’ on Soundcloud

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