Frankie Rose – Heretofore wilder

Frankie Rose – Herein Wild


There’s an almost perfectly straight line from C86 through to Herein Wild. From The Shop Assistants, Fuzzbox, and Talulah Gosh through to Wild Flag, Warpaint, and CocoRosie. As part of the Vivian Girls, the Dum Dum Girls, and Crystal Stilts, Frankie Rose is part of this ancestral line, though Fuzzbox and CocoRosie are probably the great aunts that dress strangely, stroke long-haired cats and scare visiting children. Out on her own now, Frankie Rose’s new album, Herein Wild, takes up where the previous one, Interstellar, left off. The first track starts off like a classic indie guitar-led album for the first few bars, only to die away allowing Frankie’s ethereal voice to take centre stage alone. When the drums and guitars come back in they’re now backed by the voice. What started off as just another trashy guitar song turns out to be a thing of wonder. Like its predecessor, Herein Wild has plenty such tropes. The way the voices are left at the end of ‘Minor Times’. The hiatus in the middle of ‘Sorrow’. There are differences, though, between this album and the previous one. Here, the mood is more even. Sure, there are upbeat songs with nervous basslines that betray too many teenage nights spent listening to The Cure. But there isn’t quite range of sound as before. This leads to a more coherent and ultimately a more rewarding listen. Here also, the palette is broader. That really is a trumpet on ‘Requiem’. And the addition of strings is quite an innovation. On ‘Sorrow’, they work really well, adding something different to the sound. On ‘Cliffs as High’, they help create the feel of the song and stay just this side of cliché. With her musical heritage, Frankie Rose has indie-rock blue blood. Tracks such as ‘Question/Reason’ would stand out whichever band she was in. And with Herein Wild the good news is that the ancestral line from C86 onwards is still secure.

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