Holy Holy – No pressure

Holy Holy – The Pacific EP


Holy Holy released one of the best songs of 2013. Now, they’ve released one of the best EPs of 2014. The bad news? At the moment, it’s only available in their home land, Australia! Last year, ‘Impossible Like You’ came out of nowhere. Improbably infectious, it built up from a simple guitar line to reach a sweeping chorus and a great guitar break, finally winding down to end where it began. It was like The Fleet Foxes with balls. Earlier this year, they released another single, ‘House of Cards’. Full of passion. Yet another great chorus. And with enough twists and turns in the narrative that you’d swear Kevin Spacey was about to pop up at any time. Finally, they’ve released an EP, but with just two new songs. What does it reveal? Well, ‘Slow Melody’ has a title so misleading it’s worthy of litigation. After the breathtaking energy of the previous releases, this one sounds like they’re about to channel their inner Kevin Johnson. Instead, when the keyboards kick-in mid-song, we’re heading towards arms-raised, crowd-swaying, stadium-headlining territory. Not so much The Fleet Foxes with or without balls. More like Kasabian or The Kaiser Chiefs. And to round things off, ‘Cincinnati’ keeps up the mood. Another great hook. Another great song. Soon, Holy Holy will be everybody’s favourite new band. In the meantime, you just have to pick up this EP. Emigrate to Australia if you have to, so you can download it from the iTunes store. Use your favourite VPN and buy it from Getmusic.com.au. Hell, even order a hard copy. Though by the time it arrives, Holy Holy will be headlining a stadium near you.

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