Emmy The Great – Emmy The Greatest

Emmy The Great – S (EP)


It’s been eight long years since Emmy The Great first appeared on the music scene. Since that time, there have been just two full albums. Both glorious. And both built on break ups. On First Love the only thing missing from ‘We Almost Had A Baby’ was a huge exclamation mark and a reproachful look. For its part, Virtue was metaphorically chock full of both. It was the break-up album to end all break-up albums. Who could forget ‘Dinosaur Sex’? Now, nearly four years on, we’re finally treated to a new EP. True, there are hints of relationships past. The lyrics of ‘Somerset (I Can’t Get Over)’ read like the inventory of the shelves of a once familiar student bedsit. F. Scott Fitzgerald, Tennessee Williams, Dinosaur Jr. But this time there’s a sense that they belong to a different era. Finally, it seems, The Great Emmy has moved on. And nowhere is this more apparent than in ‘Solar Panels’. In the most refined English accent committed to disk since Noel Coward’s final recording, we’re treated to a description of the worldwide energy industry. ‘Japanese companies are making energy of the heat in California’. And it’s all backed by a pounding dance floor beat. We are literally miles away from ‘Trellick Tower’. This isn’t the first time that Her Emmynence has gotten down with the beats. In 2008 she worked with Norman Cook on a track called ‘Seattle’. But this is very much her own creation, and it sounds wonderful. The Greatness of Emmy is that she’s never seemed in a rush to release. The quality control has always been high. Here it shines through. All four tracks are different, but coherent. Shimmering sounds. Clever lyrics. This is Emmy at her Greatest. The only disappointment? It’s just an EP.

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