Laura Groves – Thank God There’s ‘Friday’

Laura Groves has a new EP out. It’s called Committed Language and it’s available here. The vibe is a certain synthy funkiness. Fleetwood Mac are the official reference point. But one track is different. Unlike the other songs, ‘Friday’ is piano-led. It’s also unutterably beautiful. It’s reminiscent of Laura Groves’ previous incarnation, Blue Roses. At one time, she was being pitched alongside Laura Marling as the true incarnation of nu-folk, but both were better than that. Blue Roses was a wonderfully emotional album, but unfortunately the project is no more. If you like ‘Friday’ and/or you’re missing Blue Roses, then you might like this session from late last year. With just Ms Groves, a piano, and her beautiful voice, time has been rewound to about 2008.

Committed Language and a previous EP, Thinking About Thinking, are both available from Bandcamp. There’s also her lovely version of Paul McCartney’s ‘Waterfalls’ and much more over at Soundcloud.

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