The Who – 55 Greatest Songs + 2

Mojo Music Magazine have just unveiled The Who’s 50 greatest songs. Don’t be fooled again. Lists are a serious business and there are some major omissions and missed opportunities. Here’s an addendum to Mojo’s list.


Pure and Easy – Available on Odds and Sods
Oh Lifehouse where art thou?

Music Must Change – Available on Who Are You?
Well, perhaps try some too-complicated-to-play-live synths then

Long Live Rock – Available on Odds and Sods
Speaking from first-hand experience

Slip Kid – Available on The Who By Numbers
It’s no Baba O’Riley, but still

I Don’t Even Know Myself – Available on Who’s Missing
Humour me. This was never included on an original album, right?

Missed opportunities

A Quick One (While He’s Away) – Available on The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus
This is the definitive version

The Acid Queen – Available on Acid Queen
It’s actually a Tina Turner classic, for goodness sake

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