Gill Landry – The Long Way Round

Gill Landry – Gill Landry


Sometimes it takes a while for albums to wend their way across the Atlantic. Gill Landry’s latest release is one such. It dropped in March in the US, but it seems to have gone the long way round to reach here. It’s more than welcome. This is a gem. Gill Landry is a member of the Old Crow Medicine Show. They can rollick like they rollicked in the good ol’ days, but they’re a bit of an acquired taste. Here, though, Landry is in plain old forlorn and hard-done-by singer-songwriter territory. What could be better? On pretty much most of the songs he sounds like he’s watching life, and love, go slowly by. In the middle, it all comes over just a little bit Calexico. On ‘Fennario’, the guitars start to pick and, courtesy of Nick Etwell from The Filthy Six, the trumpet begins to parp. But it’s a brief interlude. Soon we’re back on track. Throughout there are some great turns of phrase. “You were there, sitting in a kitchen chair, reading Bukowski in your underwear, looking fine”. There’s also plenty of religious and sacramental imagery. There’s a funeral in his heart. People are on bended knee. Her body is an altar. He feels crucified. But it’s always symbolic. There’s no message being rammed down your throat. And perhaps the highlight is ‘Take This Body’, which features Laura Marling, who has a distinct southern twang at one point. Bookended by a lovely melody, there’s a suite of sounds, stretching the genre in refreshing ways. Gill Landry is an old pro by this stage, but his new(ish) album reveals a different and very welcome side.

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