Adeline Hotel – How Strange It Is To See

Adeline Hotel – How Strange It Is To See


“Why wait?”, we’re asked on the opening track of the new Adeline Hotel EP. But “Why go?” would seem be an equally appropriate question to ask across the set of songs as a whole. Throughout, there’s a sense of making difficult decisions and living with their consequences. “These months alone are better spent, In the present, not on your mind”, we’re told on the excellent ‘Red Coat‘, which was dropped earlier in the year. Well, maybe, but it certainly isn’t easy. “Do you still wear the coat that I left for you, When I was in a hurry to catch that plane on time?”. Quiet, sad, expressive. Adeline Hotel are worth following. Who knows what further questions will be asked and what new decisions will be made?

The new EP is available over at Bandcamp. In the meantime, here are two other Adeline Hotel favourites. The first is a Yellow Couch session. Hats off to the sound engineer on that one. It sounds great. The second is from a recent session over at the incomparable Daytrotter. The full version includes a take on ‘Farewell Transmission’, no less.

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