The Phoenix Foundation – It’s a GUYD thing

The Phoenix Foundation – Give Up Your Dreams


There’s more than a little humour on the new release by The Phoenix Foundation. “I feel the love of Bob Lennon, I feel the love of John Dylan, I feel the love when they go solo, I feel the love of Yoko Bono”. And while the themes may sometimes seem dark, tongue is always kept firmly in check by cheek. “Don’t let anyone say that the world is your oyster, The world is not an oyster, The world is a cold, dark planet floating through an infinite space on a ceaseless journey to its own destruction, And all that we can do about it is to be all right about things and get on with stuff.” Hear, Hear to that. The Phoenix Foundation are no strangers to pince-sans-rire. After all, the stand-out track on their previous album was ‘Black Mould’, a song about, well, black mould. Literally. Now, though, they’ve undergone a complete musical transformation. They’re no longer New Zealand’s version of Midlake. The beards are still there, but gone are the acoustic guitars. In their place, there’s an urgency. A rush. A thrill even. The percussion is polyrhythmic. The synths are swooshy and psychedelic. This sounds like music made by people who are having a good time. And that’s always slightly annoying. Give Up Your Dreams is shot through with irony. Don’t listen to it. At your peril.

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