Perry Brown – Bloodline

Perry Brown – Become My Blood


From the evidence of his new album, Perry Brown seems like someone who doesn’t have too much difficulty getting out of bed in the morning. Perhaps a brief reflection on life’s little ups and downs, but then he’s up and off to do a hard day’s work. Or at least that’s how it appears. This is Perry Brown’s first solo release and it’s a very personal one. Funded by way of an Indiegogo campaign, it was recorded in the context of his recent marriage and then impending fatherhood. Maybe that’s why a certain serenity inhabits the songs. What’s for certain is that there’s no over-the-top emoting. No back-from-the-brink-of-death redemption stories. No staring-at-the-bottom-of-the-glass self-pity. For sure, there’s a pinch of self-doubt. “Why can’t I be the one you need?”. A soupçon of self-deprecation. “I’m overweight and I’m waiting on a certain change of will”. There’s emotion, but overall he sounds like he’s in a good place. “You I love, You are of my blood”. And that puts us in a good place too. The steadiness of the vision is reflected in the nature of the music. The arrangements are tight. The songs neatly structured. The melodies catchy. True, the dynamic range is more compressed here when compared with his usual band, Fire Mountain, but things can still pick up and take off. This is an album by an artist who knows the craft of writing, arranging, and producing really good songs. Think Jason Isbell perhaps. By now Perry Brown’s life may well have changed beyond recognition. But he can hold this record and be proud of it.




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