Minor Moon – A Whisper, A Shout

Minor Moon – A Whisper, A Shout


In the fallow period between the holidays and the first releases of the New Year, it’s good to discover some sounds that slipped through the 2015 net. This December release from Minor Moon is one that’s highly recommended. Fronted by Sam Cantor, who’s been based in New England but who’s soon to be from Chicago, A Whisper, A Shout is the band’s first full-length release. Initially, you’d be forgiven for thinking there’s a Jason Molina thing going on. There are dark themes based around powerful guitar work, notably on ‘Call Out’. But this is no second-rate, copy-cat misery fest. And, despite the name of the album, the songs aren’t based around the standard quiet/loud formula. The vocals are always confident and persuasive. There’s some great bass work on tracks like ‘Futon’. And even some jazzy elements on ‘Bare Light’. Sam Cantor is a friend of Dan Knishkowy, whose band, Adeline Hotel, opened up 2015 on Half-Life Music. Twelve months on, Minor Moon have provided another great start to a new year. Check out A Whisper, A Shout over at Bandcamp.

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