Dr. Dog – The Psychedelic Swamp

Dr. Dog – The Psychedelic Swamp


This is without doubt the best swamp-themed album of 2016 so far. There’s ‘Swampadelic Pop’, ‘Swamp Descent’, ‘Swamp Is On’, and ‘(swamp inflammation)’. This is a truly swamptastic album. The theme must be dear to the band, because most of the tracks were written in 2001. In fact, this was due to be their debut album. But they’re no stick in the muds. They haven’t just repackaged old songs. They’ve completely re-recorded them, giving them a new-sounding verve and energy. The result is a fun album. A sing-along album. An album that’s in no way bogged down by looking back. True, it’s not a particularly psychedelic sound. Control-room knobs are certainly twiddled; tape might even be played backwards on a couple of occasions; and for sure a theremin was present in the re-making of this album. Yet overall it’s less Quicksilver Messenger Service and more T. Rex, which is no bad thing. This is Dr. Dog’s most immediate release since Fate nearly eight years ago. And it shows that just sometimes the musical vaults do hold real gems. So, be prepared to wade in, splash about, and get a dose of that swamp fever. It’s good for you.

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