Three great albums that should have been reviewed

Three great albums from recent weeks that were by passed because of, well, life.

The Hanging Stars – Over The Silvery Lake

EHL – 2 weeks

If you’re not sold on The Hanging Stars from the very first chords of the very first track of this their very first album, then there’s simply no hope for you. It’s pedal steel heaven. But it’s not just track one. From the start to the sublime finish, ‘Running Waters Wide’, this is a great debut. London-based, LA recorded, think of it as The Byrds by way of E17.

Kevin Morby – Singing Saw

EHL – 2 months

Complete with the theremin-like sounds of a real singing saw, Kevin Morby’s third solo release is a gem. There are times, like towards the end of the title track, when it’s trippy enough to put you right in the zone, but then there are moments when it’s just balladry at its best, ‘Drunk And On A Star’, being a highlight. Expect to be reunited with it on best-of-the-year lists.

Woods – City Sun Eater in The River Of Light

unnamed (23)
EHL – 2 weeks

Even minus Kevin Morby, Woods continue to prosper. There’s a reggae-like vibe to ‘Can’t See At All’, and no lack of funkiness on tracks like ‘The Other Side’ and ‘Sun City Creeps’. And it’s all wrapped up in the usual psych-folk that makes us so fond of Jeremy Earl and his band of Woods people. Check out the finale of ‘The Take’.

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