Adeline Hotel – It’s Alright, Just The Same

Adeline Hotel – It’s Alright, Just The Same


There’s a wonderfully raggedy quality to the new release by Adeline Hotel. At times it’s like listening to a Nick Drake album. All quiet and perfect. But then things take off, morphing into lovely loose guitar jams that transcend what went before. ‘Oh Well’ and particularly ‘Wonder Why’ being great examples. It’s all a little reminiscent of early Matthew Houck. And that’s high praise indeed. Adeline Hotel are the brainchild of Dan Knishkowy and this is their sophomore release. It marks a big step forwards. There’s a fuller sound and a sense of an ambition realised. With some lovely pedal and lap steel, piano, delicate backing vocals, and even a touch of mellotron, the palette seems to have gotten bigger and better. There’s no fear of slowing things down, and the album ends in a reflective mood with ‘Reciprocal Ages’. But it’s perhaps ‘Near You’ with its Harvest-era country rock sound that grabs most of the attention. It’s Alright, Just The Same is a fine record. It’s only the title that misleads. This is an album that’s much more than alright, and things are not just the same for Adeline Hotel.


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