Pixie Geldof – I’m Yours

Pixie Geldof – I’m Yours


Be willing to suspend disbelief. For Pixie Geldof is the most revelatory new artist of the autumn. Her debut album instantly invokes ideas of pop schlock. But this is no exercise in  anonymous auto-tune. No collection of sub-standard Eurovision song contest entries. This is a really coherent set of moody, mid-tempo ballads. The jumping off point is unquestionably Lana del Rey. But it’s not the Lana of Blue Jeans or Video Games. It’s the Lana of Ultraviolence and Honeymoon. The mature Lana. The Lana who’s taken control of her output. And that’s what’s so impressive about I’m Yours. It feels like the work of someone who’s exercised agency and made her own musical choices. And they’re good choices too. ‘Sweet Thing’ is built around a wonderful chorus. The title track has a lovely trippy quality. And ‘Escape Route’ builds up tension just nicely. For sure, Pixie’s not sitting next to the phone waiting for a call from the Committee for the Nobel Prize for Literature. “I lost myself in California, ‘Cos darling you’re so beautiful, aren’t cha?”. But on ‘Twin Thing’ she still manages to deliver a more than poignant send off to her late sister, Peaches. “Thought I would know at the first sign, That you’d started giving in, Always the first in the water, Now you were just too tired to swim”. There’s nothing better than a nice musical surprise. And this autumn, this most miserable of all autumns, Pixie Geldof has delivered a really fine surprise.

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