John Statz – New Kickstarter Campaign

John Statz – The Fire Sermon


I’m happy to announce that the legendary John Statz has a new album in the works. It’s his eighth album. His last album was called Tulsa. It was totally great. In fact, it was reviewed more than favourably on this very blog, making an end-of-year list no less. Anyway, the new album is called The Fire Sermon and it’s scheduled for March 2017. But … John Statz needs your help. The songs are in the can, but to fund everything from the mixing, to the mastering, to the pressing of the physical copies, to the artwork, to the publicity, and more, he needs some financial help. So, he’s launched a Kickstarter campaign. His two previous albums benefited from a similar campaign. Hopefully, this one will be just as successful. I’ve made a small donation. I’m encouraging you to do the same. It’ll be worth it. The clips from the new songs sound really good and upbeat. Like all good Kickstarter campaigns, the benefits you receive increase as the amount you pledge increases. My favourite is the $500 or more pledge. With this, you get all the music. Yeah, yeah. More importantly, you get a special 20-page paper written by Professor Statz, arguing for or against the success of any US president up to and including Andrew Johnson. As a bit of a presidential buff myself, this one really appealed to me. I think I’d have gone for William Henry Harrison, just to make the challenge extra special. Anyway, if you like good music and have a little money to spare, head over to the John Statz Kickstarter page and make that pledge.

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