Rick Barry – Curses, Maledictions and Harsh Reiterations

Rounding off the year by giving some time to a few artists who have been kind enough to bring themselves to my attention over the last few months, and who deserve to reach a wider audience.

To start with, here’s Rick Barry. His most recent album, Curses, Maledictions and Harsh Reiterations, came out a couple of months ago. It’s a really nice collection of songs. The mood is mellow, but the emotions are intense. With some help on vocals from Nicole Atkins, some lovely fiddle, dobro, and mandolin playing by Larry Campbell, and contributions from Bon Iver band member, C.J. Camerieri, on horns, the sound is really rounded out. Recommended.

You can listen to Curses, Maledictions and Harsh Reiterations on Soundcloud. You can buy a hard copy from his website. You can also find his earlier work on Bandcamp. In the meantime, here’s a lovely animated video for the song ‘Wanderlust’ from his fine album.

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