Pinegrove – Elsewhere

Pinegrove – Elsewhere


The mighty Pinegrove have just made available a live album. Most of the tracks come from their award-winning release, Cardinal. Well, it should have been an award-winning anyway. With songs full of wistful lyrics. “I keep going over it over and over, My steps iterate my shame, How come every outcome’s such a comedown?”. And all played in a wonderfully raggedy, sometimes slightly punky style. It was one of last year’s highlights. Whereas Cardinal included a little banjo and even the plaintive sound of old-time pedal steel, Elsewhere features no fewer than three guitars and the ripple of keyboards. So, there’s a nice variation on some familiar Pinegrove favourites. And recorded with hundreds of gigs already behind them, the wonderfully raggedy playing is down pat. For those who, like Pinegrove, experience the world as a sequence of “solipsistic moods”, both Cardinal and Elsewhere are both highly recommended. As a bonus, all the proceeds from sales at their bandcamp site are currently going to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

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