Nadia Reid – Preservation

Nadia Reid – Preservation


The cover of the new release by Nadia Reid is slightly unsettling. Staring straight out, it says ‘I’m looking at you‘. The image is deliberately disconcerting, because this is an angry break up album. There’s a strong sense throughout that the other party is being addressed very directly. “There were two little words that I used, One was ‘fuck’, the other was ‘you’.” Which is maybe fair enough, because she’s revealed that her former beau was seeing her best friend at the time. From this perspective then, Preservation should be seen as an exercise in musical catharsis, or perhaps even self-preservation. It seems to have worked. The tone can be bitter, but the songs are always fully under control. In fact, that’s the most noticeable feature of the music. Nadia Reid may be angry, but she’s not going to let it spoil a good tune. Among the Joni Mitchell-style acoustic numbers and the Sharon Van Etten-like mid-tempo songs, ‘Te Aro’ stands out. With its skittery percussion and crunching guitars at the end, it’s unlike anything else on the album. It even contains a moment of wry humour. “Living in the country ain’t so bad, You get city folk, They love your stories”. Preservation has perhaps helped Nadia Reid to work through some of her demons. If so, we are the lucky beneficiaries of that process.


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