Miranda Lee Richards – Existential Beast

Miranda Lee Richards – Existential Beast

Miranda Lee Richards - Existential Beast

Hot on the heels of last year’s excellent Echoes Of The Dreamtime comes Miranda Lee Richards’ wonderful new release, Existential Beast. She describes it as “a political album that takes a personal tack”. “We are all still working”, she says, “within those animal urges of fear, competition, survival and sexuality which are [deep-seated] and manifesting in varying ways and degrees”. But like it or not, she continues, “these tendencies have been revealed, within our leaders, our countries and ourselves; it is indeed a pivotal and transformational time and there is much work to be done”. The personal may often be the political, but with Existential Beast the political seems more like the personal. There are a couple of more-or-less direct statements, “What about non-violence? Is that still in fashion?”, but you could be forgiven for thinking that Miranda Lee Richards is more concerned with the sound than the fury. For this is an album that’s full of gorgeous songs rather than empty slogans. There’s a mix of trippy Californian guitar (‘Golden Gate’), twangy Nashville pedal steel (‘Ashes And Seed’), and folky forest pizzicato (‘Oh Raven’). The most ambitious track, though, is the 12-minute closer, ‘Another World’. Backed by a bucolic mixture of oboe, flute, cello, and more, this is where the worldly meets the other worldly. There are clear references to recent events, “Well I see another world, Where we would march together, Our voices ringing in the street, The Stars and Stripes of unity, California don’t throw yourself to the sea, For the ballot was cast in your favour”. Yet, there are also moments of hope and even ecstasy, “Well I see Another World, Where we eat flowers for dinner, And we drink water from the spring, Elevating our hearts and our bodies”. Think Neil Young and ‘Natural Beauty’ and the spirit is the same. With its Narnia-like cover, Existential Beast is at once a modern-day political parable and a far-away fairy story. And that’s quite a combination.

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