Jeff Tweedy – Together At Last

Jeff Tweedy – Together At Last


This is reputedly the first in a series of solo acoustic releases from Jeff Tweedy. The aim is to reinterpret songs from throughout his career, showing the range and depth of his song-writing ability. This release is Wilco-focused. It contains three tracks from Summerteeth, two from both Yankee Hotel Foxtrot and A Ghost Is Born, and one from each of Sky Blue Sky and The Whole Love. Plus there’s also a couple of deep cuts from elsewhere, one from the self-titled Loose Fur album and one from Golden Smog’s Weird Tales. Pretty much anything by Jeff Tweedy is welcome and it’s great to hear any rendition of ‘Ashes Of American Flags’, ‘I Am Trying To Break You Heart’, and ‘Muzzle Of Bees’. But there’s a certain paradox at the heart of Together At Last. Here, like the songs on all good cover albums, there are reworked, reinvented, and reimagined versions of some long-time favourites. This is true for the YHF songs and particularly ‘Laminated Cat’ from the Loose Fur album. With just Tweedy and an acoustic guitar, the experimentation is gone. These sound like genuinely new creations. At the same time, though, this a very carefully delivered album. The mood is late night. The tone is hushed. The pace is even. Aurally, it is very coherent. The result is individual songs that are new and refreshed, but also a sense that everything has been compressed into one somewhat similar-sounding format. Yet enough of that. This is Jeff Tweedy. These are great songs. And this is the first of what is hopefully a suite of releases. At last.


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