Jen Cloher

Jen Cloher


If you like your riffs played long and slow, then the new Jen Cloher album is for you. Quiet is never shouted down by loud. Lento is not swiftly overtaken by allegro. Instead, a good number of the songs simply get into a groove. Guitars taking a stroll. Nothing too fancy. And it’s all totally mesmerising. It’s almost enough to make you forget about the lyrics, but don’t make that mistake. They’re at once personal, “I start missing you, Days before you leave”, political, “I pay my fines, Taxes on time, But the feral right, Get to decide, If I can have a wife”, and very Australian, “We drained the dam, Now the kangaroos, Are drinking from the pool”. Plus, they’re often delivered in an slightly casual style that can come across as both mordant and droll, sometimes in the same line. There’s a guest appearance from Kurt Vile and Courtney Barnett is a constant presence, some of the best songs being about their relationship. If indie rock with a twist of Patti Smith and The Triffids is your thing, the new Jen Cloher album is for you. Even if it isn’t, check it out.


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