Strand of Oaks – Eraserland

Strand of Oaks – Eraserland


Stunning. Eraserland, the new album by Timothy Showalter’s Strand of Oaks, is simply stunning. Acoustic introspection and full-throttle riffs. This is such stuff as indie dreams are made on. And the most remarkable part is that it was nearly never made. For in late 2017, following some disappointing reviews of his largely disappointing previous album, Hard Love, Showalter was having a crisis of musical confidence. Having progressed in relatively short order from acoustic strummer to electric shredder, where was he to go now? Back to the acoustic future? Luckily, Carl Broemel and some other My Morning Jacketeers were around to help resolve the dilemma. Giving Showalter the confidence to start writing again, the result is Eraserland. With its gentle introductions, this is a place of intense introspection. But with its raging crescendos, this is one that sounds gloriously alive too. And there’s more than a little wisdom on hand. “If you believe you can be loved, You’ll outlive your past”. With some help along the way, Timothy Showalter has shown that it’s possible to overcome adversity and create something new and magnificent. Something stunning. Eraserland.

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