There’s always a gap between the end-of-the-year, best-of music lists and the first releases of the new year. It’s a time to catch up on some songs that deserve to be shared. First up is Anthony Ruptak, an artist who has been featured here before. Here’s a new song. A gentle song. A classic-sounding song. And, no less for any of that, a song from the heart. It’s from an EP that’s available over at Bandcamp. ‘Vulture & Dove’ is a particular favourite.

Anthony Ruptak – I’ll Go Where You Go


Anthony Ruptak – Sticks

Thanks to the ever reliable Kramies for alerting me to a new track by Anthony Ruptak. It’s from an upcoming EP, which we’re now very much looking forward to here at Half-Life Music. Anthony Ruptak is based in Colorado and the band features his brother on percussion. If you can’t get enough of the official video below, then there’s a great live version of the song from a gig at Red Rocks here. The same gig also features an absolutely sublime track called ‘Poltergeist’. Highly recommended.