Scenic Route To Alaska – How It Feels

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The last time we took the Scenic Route To Alaska was back in October when they were telling us to ‘Slow Down‘. Now, they’re back with a new album. Or nearly anyway. Tough Luck will be out in just a week’s time. Produced by Howard Redekopp of The New Pornographers fame, it promises to be another slice of wide-open Prairie Rock. That’s if the new single, ‘How It Feels’, is anything to go by. Written on the back of a tour, it sounds anything but jaded. With the band soon be heading back out on the road across their native Canada, the US, Germany and the Netherlands, let’s hope that further inspiration awaits. In the meantime, there’s a … wrestling video to enjoy!

Scenic Route to Alaska – Slow Down

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“Everyone’s telling me to stop, take a breath and slow down”. Sounds like the guys at Scenic Route to Alaska have been doing some mindfulness. But these are wise words. And ‘Slow Down’ is a great single. Despite the implication in the title, this is a song that  jumps out of the speakers. There’s a great riff and good energy throughout. Looking forward to the album early in the New Year. In the meantime, keep on truckin’.